time for great teaching – a report on how

  I’ve recently read the Gratton Report “Making time for great teaching“. In the executive summary is says: Government regulations restrict schools. Enterprise bargaining agreements restrict changes to work schedules, and duty of care requirements restrain schools that want to free their teachers from child minding to focus on improving… Read more“time for great teaching – a report on how”

Walkthrough on Relational Learning

Over the past month we have conducted weekly walkthroughs to gather data on elements of our school culture. Prior to conducting a walkthrough we asked staff what they thought the protocols surrounding walkthrough should be. To build and keep up trust we have followed these staff listed protocols. These protocols… Read more“Walkthrough on Relational Learning”

Instructional Rounds and Data Wise.

Last week I facilitated an Instructional Round at a neighbouring school and tried to embrace some of the principles of Data Wise into the evidentiary analysis of the observations. The initiative was well received so I thought I would share it. There were 3 groups of principals who observed students… Read more“Instructional Rounds and Data Wise.”

Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.

Last month David Rease Jnr from Harvard visited Elsternwick to view our progress in implementing the Data Wise: Inquiry Approach to Improving Instruction in schools. We were quite chuffed at David’s visit and recorded this clip  to capture some of his initial observations and reflections. As you will hear he commented… Read more“Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.”

A Harvard Coach!

One of the great privileges Penny and I had at Harvard was the allocation of a dedicated coach (Emma) who assisted us in the preparation of our presentation and helped us determine what the next level of work. Prior to the presentation Emma organised 3 conference call meetings where we… Read more“A Harvard Coach!”

The ‘learning pit’ of Harvard: a data wise inquiry into what next!

We are at the end of our time at Harvard having had our presentation both acknowledged by the facility and celebrated by our American colleagues.It felt gooood! Our thinking was then sharpened over the remainder of the course to focus on the next level of work. Our goal to build… Read more“The ‘learning pit’ of Harvard: a data wise inquiry into what next!”

The honour of presenting at Harvard

A few weeks ago we were asked to present our work on changing a school culture whilst engaging with the ‘Data Wise’ inquiry process at Harvard. It’s an honour to be invited for it acknowledges our work and commitment to our school community. We fly out next week and I’ll… Read more“The honour of presenting at Harvard”