Songs can hold our memories!

Certain songs or voices can bring many memories flooding back to us. It’s 1970 and the happy and even melancholic memories flood back to me when I hear Simon and Garfunkel sing their classics. Its been over 45 years since they split over “professional differences about a film” so their… Read more“Songs can hold our memories!”

What might Benjamin Franklin have to say to our young students?

  At Monday’s school assembly I used Benjamin Franklin’s story to talk about the importance of effort and persistence as we strive for personal excellence. “energy and persistence conquer all things” Benjamin Franklin I talked about his childhood days in Boston some 300 years ago where as one of 10… Read more“What might Benjamin Franklin have to say to our young students?”

Japanese Prime Minister apologies for WW2 atrocities in seeking a future of closer relationships.

In an historic event the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed the Australian Parliament I think to seek closer ties between the two countries. These ties of course include valuable trade deals and increased tourism. His father, Shintaro Abe, was a former foreign minister of Japan who visited Australia to seek trade… Read more“Japanese Prime Minister apologies for WW2 atrocities in seeking a future of closer relationships.”

American History – learned over a weekend.

This post continues to be written by our four staff over in Boston – this time over the weekend exploring American history.  The weekend was spent exploring Boston’s significant history, namely its prominent place as the birthplace of American independence. We walked the ‘Freedom Trail’ which commenced at Boston Common;… Read more“American History – learned over a weekend.”

Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 5.

Well…it’s over. Today was a celebration of our journey so far. We spent some time-sharing our insights and dilemmas with another school, and used something called the “consultancy protocol” to give and receive feedback around our journey to date. We found it insightful to hear the different opinions and perspectives… Read more“Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 5.”

Understanding History – an experience around the Freedom Trail

I feel a little self indulgent in showing these photos of the historical freedom trial Penny Vanderkruk and I walked over several mornings whilst studying at Harvard last year. However in walking the trail we feel we got a glimpse into why Americans are generally proud of their historical struggles towards… Read more“Understanding History – an experience around the Freedom Trail”