Teachers Overseas: professional learning opportunities that also serve as an acknowledgement of effort.

  I couldn’t help post these 3 images taken in New Mexico last week. The first is a group of teachers and principals from two neighbouring schools Elsternwick and Elwood Primary Schools who share a common belief that relationships build the social capital for schools and their communities to improve… Read more

The case for risky play in schools is building. Does short term pain (injuries or complaints) alleviate long term mental health issues – you be the judge!

I’ve come to this topic of “play” from several different experiences: I remember David Rease from Harvard on his first visit to our school standing in our school grounds during recess utterly amazed at children playing with minimal supervision (we had 3 teachers on duty in vests supervising 600 children… Read more

Stop bashing public education for the tsunami effect will be big and long lasting.

I’m indebted to Greg Whitby for provoking me to write this post when he wrote on a quality education for all. Greg, I think was stirred by Prof Dinham when he recently wrote in the Age newspaper about what he perceived as a relentless attack on schooling (and particularly public schooling)… Read more

Michael McQueen on navigating around student engagement.

This is the second post from that Principal’s conference I attended last term. The theme if your read the first post (McCrindle) was on social trends and their impact on education, schools and teachers. We were fortunate to have two keynotes from Michael the first on understanding the eras of… Read more

McCindle says students don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.

Mark McCrindle, a social researcher,  presented at a conference I attended last term. His presentation was full of really interesting data or information on the various mega trends that effect education in general. The presentation is featured below. In the presentation he outlines community attitudes towards schooling based on recent… Read more

time for great teaching – a report on how

  I’ve recently read the Gratton Report “Making time for great teaching“. In the executive summary is says: Government regulations restrict schools. Enterprise bargaining agreements restrict changes to work schedules, and duty of care requirements restrain schools that want to free their teachers from child minding to focus on improving… Read more