The Wounded Leader

Recently I recalled a book I read a few ago called The Wounded Leader by Ackerman and Maslin-Ostrowski. In the book they suggest schools have leadership resistant architecture typically “the conspiracy of busyness: where there is little time for leaders to convene people together to plan, organise and follow through –… Read more“The Wounded Leader”

Prioritising your workload

I recently read a short article in the January ASCD “education update” by Elena Hegland, an English teacher in New York, on the topic of prioritising work. It got me thinking about principal’s priorities. Elena lists her top 5 priorities as Student well being (“taking care of kids comes first”) Lesson planning… Read more“Prioritising your workload”

Transitional Vocabulary – one process of effectively teaching grammar.

I realise there are times when I might show a little bias however I had to show this photo of a teacher at my school teaching grammar in ways that both engage and support students transferring the understanding to their writing. The teacher, Kalliopi, had just shown a short YouTube… Read more“Transitional Vocabulary – one process of effectively teaching grammar.”

When art inspires reflection!

My son and his girlfriend have just returned from 5 weeks in Europe and one of their photos was of the Pietà in St Peter’s Bascillica in the Vatican City AND before anyone starts NO it wasn’t the old slide show or photo album night but rather a connection between… Read more“When art inspires reflection!”

tips on changing teacher practice

Looking for some simple advice on why you change your practice from Dylan Wiliam. Focus on one or two things (max) till they are automated, take a risk, take the time (when offered by your school leaders) and do this for your kids. Tips for changing practice from ACER on Vimeo…. Read more“tips on changing teacher practice”

“Rounds being like a dipstick” part two of a book discussion – Ch 3-5

Well this is the second instalment of our discussion as some points to comment on. The first being I just love the image of “rounds being like a dipstick” (p.110)   Comment: there are just so many ways you might spin this image – when is something over filled –… Read more““Rounds being like a dipstick” part two of a book discussion – Ch 3-5″

Mark Twain’s quotes for todays age!

This quote is often attributed to Mark Twain however the site quote investigator casts some doubt on this. I found it while on twitter and another’s blog. The quote whoever penned it is still apt for today. A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read…. Read more“Mark Twain’s quotes for todays age!”