“Rounds being like a dipstick” part two of a book discussion – Ch 3-5

Well this is the second instalment of our discussion as some points to comment on. The first being I just love the image of “rounds being like a dipstick” (p.110)   Comment: there are just so many ways you might spin this image – when is something over filled –… Read more

How do we scaffold what we teach in grammar to student writing?

I often hear teachers complaining or just plain confused about why students don’t transfer what they learn in one context or lesson to their performances in another. They have taught something in grammar (e.g. dependant clauses) or spelling (e.g. letter combinations that make the long a sound), students have practiced the skill… Read more

An authentic purpose for learning – a makers market.

Tonight our Year 1 and 2 students ran a “makers market” as their last performance for their technology based unit of learning “how do you make”. As you can see by the photo the market was well attended with hundreds of parents participating and buying the products students had made…. Read more

DataWise – the community grows at the 2015 on-campus Institute.

The final challenge from the first day of the Data Wise Summer Institute (DWSI) here at Harvard was to encapsulate my learning experiences thus far, in only five words. Mine was; Similar challenges towards systemic improvement. I wanted to share my short sentence with you because it highlighted what I… Read more

Diving Deep to Build Assessment Literacy – Step 2 of the Data Wise Improvement Process – Day 2

The focus of Day 2 of the Summer Institute is the work around both Organising for Collaborative Work and Building Assessment Literacy, (which comprise the Prepare Phase). At Elsternwick PS with new teachers joining the team and the existing staff digging deeper we found its a stage that is never exhausted…. Read more