Alberta and Victoria: separated by two great oceans but close in educational thinking.

I have just finished rereading a 2012 research paper on transforming education in Alberta Canada. I found it a great read. I didn’t know for example that Alberta has been Canada’s highest performing province for over a decade. Andy Hargreaves wrote in the foreword the paper seeks a “more sophisticated… Read more

Mandarin the 4th most popular language in primary schools! (updated)

I woke up yesterday to read from a local newspaper that Mandarin is now the fourth most-popular choice for primary school pupils in Victoria. The article went on to say: The news comes as schools prepare for the introduction of compulsory foreign language education, starting with prep next year. Traditional European… Read more

Japanese Prime Minister apologies for WW2 atrocities in seeking a future of closer relationships.

In an historic event the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed the Australian Parliament I think to seek closer ties between the two countries. These ties of course include valuable trade deals and increased tourism. His father, Shintaro Abe, was a former foreign minister of Japan who visited Australia to seek trade… Read more

World Congress Art Educators visit EPS!

This week our school hosted an international group of art educators here for the 34th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art. This group of educators camera from countries like Japan, China, America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. This group photo was taken behind an amazing… Read more

Reinventing Writing is that possible?

Recently I stumbled upon the work of Vicki Davis a classroom teacher (middle or secondary I think) in the States who is working on using technology to reinvent writing. The clip above is long (20 minutes) but I think she makes some points that are applicable to higher elementary or… Read more

A crash course in Chinese History.

As crash courses go and allowing for a few mistakes like the great wall was started by the Qin dynasty and the Ming dynasty, like the others, just expanded and fixed the Wall or that Chinese recorded history is 5000 not 2000 years old this short clip is worth viewing for… Read more

“education is not a horse race”

Over the holidays I came across an easy to read article by Elliot Einser on Benjamin Bloom. Essentially the article made a some key points about Bloom’s work: education as a process was an effort to realize human potential, indeed, (it was) an exercise in optimism. (its why I believe… Read more