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Writers Workshop Toolkit

Every month I receive en email with this months “tips” on how to I think strategise a little more in your writers workshop. The tips are divided by grade levels (e.g. K-1) – Yes, it’s an American resource – one … Continue reading

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Sensibility on Reading – a balanced approach

I recommend that all new teachers and those in training watch this short 8 min video on the teaching of reading – its a balanced approach as the title indicates.

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What does back at school look like?

. As schools in Victoria resume face to face teaching over the next 2 weeks there might be a temptation for a period of testing to see where students are up to, what gaps may have occurred and know what … Continue reading

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Resources by themselves are not sufficient to improve language learning in Victorian or for that matter Australian schools?

Once again students learning another language hits the newspaper headlines: The trouble with languages in primary schools Time to mind our languages Interestingly it hits the headlines in the only state in Australia (Victoria) that mandates languages be taught in … Continue reading

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young people’s anger – here’s one thought.

I’m fortunate as a school leader that my teachers share their ideas and thoughts with me. This is one teachers share last week that resonates so strongly with me – how does one promote young people’s conversations about dealing with … Continue reading

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Anzac Day Service at School: Lest we forget.

Recently our year 3 and 4 students led the school in the annual Anzac Day commemoration service. The service which dates back 100 years is to acknowledge those men and women who served in our armed services in conflicts and … Continue reading

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Provoking student interest in learning

I say again I’m in a fortunate role as principal to see some amazing products and processes of learning and I’m guilty of not sharing these as often as I should. So here goes: the first two photos show an … Continue reading

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Spending too much time after lunch in early intervention conversations?

Recently we had Marg Armstrong do a refresher at our staff meeting on the need to continually build relationships in classrooms and across the staff. We sat in a circle at our staff meeting and Marg regrouped us according to … Continue reading

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Alberta and Victoria: separated by two great oceans but close in educational thinking.

I have just finished rereading a 2012 research paper on transforming education in Alberta Canada. I found it a great read. I didn’t know for example that Alberta has been Canada’s highest performing province for over a decade. Andy Hargreaves … Continue reading

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Mandarin the 4th most popular language in primary schools! (updated)

I woke up yesterday to read from a local newspaper that Mandarin is now the fourth most-popular choice for primary school pupils in Victoria. The article went on to say: The news comes as schools prepare for the introduction of compulsory … Continue reading

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“education is not a horse race”

Over the holidays I came across an easy to read article by Elliot Einser on Benjamin Bloom. Essentially the article made a some key points about Bloom’s work: education as a process was an effort to realize human potential, indeed, … Continue reading

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‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.

I couldn’t resist posting this TV clip about my school. The clip was shown on a community TV station last week about an Art Reach Program that Elsternwick P.S., Monash University and National Gallery work together on. I think my … Continue reading

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Leadership and Relational Learning

Last month we held our 3rd curriculum day on one of our strategic improvement strategies – the implementation of a relational learning framework in teaching and learning and to engage with the parent and wider community   (school are entitled to hold 4 … Continue reading

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“learning as a social process through which understanding is achieved”

The title of this post comes from a book titled “Schools and Communities: working together to transform children live’s” by West-Burnham, Farrar and Otero. Pictured above is George Otero, a co author of the book and Co-President of the Relational Learning Centre … Continue reading

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An advocate for reciprocal teaching – or hearing student voice in your classroom.

When I first listened to this address by 12 yo Adora I was rather skeptical and amazed. Her use of language is amazing but her message is simply. We need to hear student voice in curriculum development – so if … Continue reading

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