Effective Lesson Planning: length of lessons

Some of the questions, concerns and issues raised by trainee teachers so far include: constantly repeating instructions to students students forget what to do students either don’t finish the tasks in the time set or finish in the first 5 minutes with nothing else to do What these questions raise… Read more“Effective Lesson Planning: length of lessons”

‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.

I couldn’t resist posting this TV clip about my school. The clip was shown on a community TV station last week about an Art Reach Program that Elsternwick P.S., Monash University and National Gallery work together on. I think my point in showing the clip was to both acknowledge the… Read more“‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.”

Federal Government changes University funding – I fear for the worse!

It was with some trepidation that I write in this weeks school newsletter on the recent proposed changes to university funding arrangements. The links between primary schools and universities is not obvious in many cases. Quite a few of our parents at EPS either work in or attend courses at… Read more“Federal Government changes University funding – I fear for the worse!”

time for great teaching – a report on how

  I’ve recently read the Gratton Report “Making time for great teaching“. In the executive summary is says: Government regulations restrict schools. Enterprise bargaining agreements restrict changes to work schedules, and duty of care requirements restrain schools that want to free their teachers from child minding to focus on improving… Read more“time for great teaching – a report on how”

Principal’s can graduate too!

Here are three shots that capture parts of my graduation from Monash University with a Masters in School Leadership. Two shots were taken with the supervising professors from Monash and my mentor and friend Ray at a Department of Education presentation ceremony as they funded a significant proportion of the financial cost… Read more“Principal’s can graduate too!”

Sustainability in schools – a broader view.

This week as part of Masters Leadership course we visited Collingwood College looking at the broad theme of sustainability. Collingwood College was the first center for the now nation wide Stephanie Alexander’s school kitchen gardens. These photos show the gardens and the produce harvested and cooked by students in the… Read more“Sustainability in schools – a broader view.”

“teacher roles defined as covenants should be at the centre”

Sergiovanni in this book gave me one of those precious light bulb moments, as a school leader, when he defined roles as “the most sacred obligations and commitments we have towards each other, toward the school and toward its purpose” [p 49]. Prompted by a poor rating on the last annual… Read more““teacher roles defined as covenants should be at the centre””

Reflections on University Life at Monash

Well, I have submitted my second reflective piece of writing this week, on my holidays. It’s been a while since I’ve had my writing “marked” and I was quite nervous I must say in accessing my assessment [what students at school must feel]. I liked the group feedback Phil, the… Read more“Reflections on University Life at Monash”

Why a Master’s Degree now?

“You did it… You did it”, the words of Professor Higgins from My Fair Lady were ringing in my ear as I drove home from University this afternoon – yes I did it – I’ve enrolled and started my Masters in Education course at Monash University. Today was the second… Read more“Why a Master’s Degree now?”