Why aren’t us parents seeing any benefit in smaller class sizes?

I have just responded to this post by a parent: As a parent, the Bloomfield Public School system has sold smaller class sizes as part of their narrative. The experience of my two children has been a DECREASE in group interaction and all of the other good things that should… Read more“Why aren’t us parents seeing any benefit in smaller class sizes?”

Choosing Schools

Parents choosing schools based on the ‘vibe’ and community rather than test scores and fancy facilities This newspaper article attracted my attention over the weekend as it resonated with my experience as both a parent and school leader. In my last school as principal I conducted at least 150 sixty… Read more“Choosing Schools”

School timetables are factors in lesson structures!

I have a wondering whether a school timetable influences the way instruction is planned in classrooms? Now I know the answer is obviously yes from a practical perspective but the deeper question I’m pondering is do those timetable influenced instructional decisions enhance or detract from learning.? Primary school timetables are structured on… Read more“School timetables are factors in lesson structures!”

Extended family holidays – an opportunity or a threat to learning?

Last week I was engaged in my school’s peer review process and we tossed around a question on extended student absence from school for family travel purposes. You see extended family holidays are close to the number one reason why young people miss school at my school. Just last week… Read more“Extended family holidays – an opportunity or a threat to learning?”

Are schools are at a “Tipping Point” in supplying ICT to students!

I’m writing this post to explore viewpoints on a school’s capacity to supply ICT to students – for I propose schools are at a “tipping point” in their attempts to achieve this by themselves. A little context perhaps: About 10 years ago our Department of Education set a target for… Read more“Are schools are at a “Tipping Point” in supplying ICT to students!”

Dysfunctional Teams

Thanks to Greg Carroll, a principal in NZ, I found this clip on dysfunctional teams which seems to make some sense. We often hear about how to build teams and make productive meetings well this clips comes from the other perspective. The key word TRUST and leaders being prepared to… Read more“Dysfunctional Teams”

The honour of presenting at Harvard

A few weeks ago we were asked to present our work on changing a school culture whilst engaging with the ‘Data Wise’ inquiry process at Harvard. It’s an honour to be invited for it acknowledges our work and commitment to our school community. We fly out next week and I’ll… Read more“The honour of presenting at Harvard”