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Choosing Schools

Parents choosing schools based on the ‘vibe’ and community rather than test scores and fancy facilities This newspaper article attracted my attention over the weekend as it resonated with my experience as both a parent and school leader. In my … Continue reading

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mobile/cell phones on school or summer camps

that sixth graders who spent just five days at a tech-free sleepaway camp developed greater understanding of real-world interpersonal communication cues, including a better ability to read facial expressions, make eye contact, and interpret tone of voice and other prompts, … Continue reading

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Downsizing your house? We did and what did we learn?

Ever considered downsizing your house? We sold our family home in October last year after about 6 weeks of preparation time. After we finished repainting (over 1/2 of the external house and windows – once you start where do you … Continue reading

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Medical miracles

  I have met Tony a few times most recently at a dinner at my golf club where we spoke casually about a number of things but I must say I felt proud of him when he was featured on … Continue reading

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What about measuring learning found through cultural travel experiences to counterbalance missed schooling and lower national test scores?

At the recent ACER conference in Adelaide Stephen Zubrick presented a paper on school attendance and the effects on academic performance. The Sunday Age in Melbourne picked up the story with a headline “No safe level of missing school, study … Continue reading

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Extended family holidays – an opportunity or a threat to learning?

Last week I was engaged in my school’s peer review process and we tossed around a question on extended student absence from school for family travel purposes. You see extended family holidays are close to the number one reason why … Continue reading

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India, the brave and the beautiful

I have been travelling with Merryn, my wife, in India for a week now and have seen so much it’s hard to know where to begin. Probably I should start with today when we saw the Taj Mahal truly one … Continue reading

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The Two PP’s (Police and Principals) sharing a community.

  This week the local police inspector gave a short speech to the principal network on what’s happening in the local community. Of course he mentioned the growing youth alcohol and drug problems, cyber bullying and sexting and family and domestic … Continue reading

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A Walker Cup Event

I have just returned from the Annual Walker Cup Golf event which is in its 31st consecutive year. The event which is played over 72 holes has players coming from interstate: Perth and Brisbane. This years singles winner, Alan Roberts, … Continue reading

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A Fathers Day Gift

Last Sunday I spent Fathers Day with the family over a long lunch where 3 generations of Walkers gave speeches about family and unity. One brother phoned in from China to speak and everyone toasted. I was spoilt by my … Continue reading

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University Placements

Over the past month Tori, my daughter, and I have visited 3 different universities so that she can list her placement preferences for 2013. The photo shows her at Melbourne University. There were a few things that struck us: the … Continue reading

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“What would you do if you could change the world?”

I have just picked up on the documentary now out at the movies “I am eleven” that poses this question to 11 year olds around the world. Why 11? I think Genevieve Bailey thought 11 years of age is a … Continue reading

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Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.

Last week as part of Education Week we held our second parent and teacher forum on cyber safety. The presenter for this session was Susan McLean. We had 50 parents attend Susan’s presentation and this combined with the first cyber … Continue reading

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To be a Surgeon

I spent the day supporting my wife going through various tests to determine the cause of blood swelling up around her left knee. The orthopaedic surgeon who had previously operated on that knee was great and concluded it was a … Continue reading

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University Entrance a maze to be understood.

I recently read a blog post by Jenny Luca which was critical of the way universities select entrants based on a single score. In Victoria the score is called an ATAR score. The post attracted a few comments saying it was a … Continue reading

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