A Fathers Day Gift

Last Sunday I spent Fathers Day with the family over a long lunch where 3 generations of Walkers gave speeches about family and unity. One brother phoned in from China to speak and everyone toasted.

I was spoilt by my own children with a card that expressed their gratitude and love and was presented with a biography about Gough Whitlam.

Gough was an inspirational figure to me during the early 1970’s as I entered University as a young adult seeking to change the world. Its well known that he was dismissed several years later by the Governor General Sir John Kerr, who he appointed. In his time he made many changes to Australia a few of which still remain today. I’m looking forward to reading the book on the beach during the holidays. I couldn’t resist inserting a You Tube clip of his time as Prime Minister to remind us all of those times.

I wonder “dads” how your day went and any memories it stirred for you?

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