University Placements

Over the past month Tori, my daughter, and I have visited 3 different universities so that she can list her placement preferences for 2013.
The photo shows her at Melbourne University.
There were a few things that struck us: the different focus each university places on the same courses, the cultural life each Univ. offered to students and the emphasis on final results (jobs). We visited Monash, Melbourne and Deakin Universities. As a former graduate of two universities I was also interested to see how they viewed through the eyes of my daughter.
Monash University was attractive for its easy location to us, its cultural life was on show with the different societies and clubs and the courses (Arts/Law) had attractive options including the chance to study overseas (offered by all universities). Melbourne University with its undergraduate Arts degree as a base then offered a very academic and prestigious Juris Doctor law degree which is recognised both nationally and internationally. Deakin the newest of the 3 universities offered Arts/Law with the possibility of politics and overseas placements. Deakin had a real commerce feel to it not so evident at the other two.
Whatever happens over the next 5 months of VCE and University offers I was proud to walk around these institutes with Tori. It’s a stressful time for all VCE students but I am again proud of her studious approach and her efforts. Well Done Tori!
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