flipping classrooms?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “flipped classrooms” now for a while and the great thing about holidays is that it frees up time to do just that – think and in this case write, share and hopefully promote further discussion. Before proceeding I thought a small video to… Read more“flipping classrooms?”

teaching trades and technology

This post is written by Malcolm Dawson, Carpentry Trade Teacher, Holmesglen Institute, Victoria. Bob Dylan must have known something when he wrote the song “The times they are a changing” and there certainly has been a shift in the way things are done within the trades training and assessment landscape. Traditionally the… Read more“teaching trades and technology”

Are schools are at a “Tipping Point” in supplying ICT to students!

I’m writing this post to explore viewpoints on a school’s capacity to supply ICT to students – for I propose schools are at a “tipping point” in their attempts to achieve this by themselves. A little context perhaps: About 10 years ago our Department of Education set a target for… Read more“Are schools are at a “Tipping Point” in supplying ICT to students!”

Lessons from Steve Jobs

I’ve just finished reading the authorised biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I bought the book while travelling to the States in June of this year where everyone seemed to be reading it and finally made the time while on holidays to finish this “warts and all” account of his… Read more“Lessons from Steve Jobs”

Is the Olympics just about winning gold medals?

Context of this post: This morning I’m teaching a group of year 5/6 students. The WALT (We are learning to…) is join an online discussion via a blog and make a comment. Post: An overseas friend made a light-hearted  jib about the Aussies performance in these Olympics which got me… Read more“Is the Olympics just about winning gold medals?”

Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.

Last week as part of Education Week we held our second parent and teacher forum on cyber safety. The presenter for this session was Susan McLean. We had 50 parents attend Susan’s presentation and this combined with the first cyber safety session earlier in the term means about 20% of… Read more“Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.”

A new Internet paradigm for learning.

Last month I was fortunate to hear Mark Treadwell [pictured above] speak to a group of aspirant leaders I am mentoring. He had some I think important things to say about learning and I think leadership. He began the morning making the case for a new paradigm shift for learning…. Read more“A new Internet paradigm for learning.”

One to One Computing

This book takes a serious historical and international look at the “digital pencil” movement to equip every student with a computing device with wireless connection. Using an ecological perspective as an overarching framework, and drawing on their own studies and available literature that illuminate the issues related to one-to-one computing,… Read more“One to One Computing”

Yong Zhao speaks about the limitations of test scores to define good schools

Yong Zhao a University Distinguished Professor at the College of Education at Michigan State University and international consultant to many governments talks here about the dangers of the narrow use of national test scores to define what students need. I heard him speak recently at our Statewide forum on the… Read more“Yong Zhao speaks about the limitations of test scores to define good schools”