Teaching Writing? (part 1)

I’m sitting on the back porch of a small lodge at the base of Mt Buller listening to the babbling sound of rushing water on the Delatite River. As I gaze up from this iPad I see many differing shades of green trees sprinkled with the odd yellow-leaved deciduous tree… Read more“Teaching Writing? (part 1)”

Lessons from Steve Jobs

I’ve just finished reading the authorised biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I bought the book while travelling to the States in June of this year where everyone seemed to be reading it and finally made the time while on holidays to finish this “warts and all” account of his… Read more“Lessons from Steve Jobs”

Using sticky notes on a wall to promote dialogue about a school’s purpose

  I’m not sure this works for adults – hence my go at this for my staff but I can see this as a hit for students as they review their inquiry topic. I will post the wallwisher link for those interested in exploring this. The log on and account creation… Read more“Using sticky notes on a wall to promote dialogue about a school’s purpose”

Can you guess the men in this film?

Men In Film Once again Philip Scott Johnson does a great job in creating visual art this time about men in film. I know I recognised at least half the men in the film. The list appears below – look at the film first before you read this list then… Read more“Can you guess the men in this film?”

Imagine if……

December 8th marked 28 years since John Lennon’s death. There was a small column in newspaper that attracted my attention and got me thinking. John Lennon wrote a number of songs that I believe still have currency today – “Imagine” being one of them. I recently listed to a TED talk by noted speaker… Read more“Imagine if……”