World Congress Art Educators visit EPS!

This week our school hosted an international group of art educators here for the 34th World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art. This group of educators camera from countries like Japan, China, America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. This group photo was taken behind an amazing… Read more“World Congress Art Educators visit EPS!”

‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.

I couldn’t resist posting this TV clip about my school. The clip was shown on a community TV station last week about an Art Reach Program that Elsternwick P.S., Monash University and National Gallery work together on. I think my point in showing the clip was to both acknowledge the… Read more“‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.”

Sunday Street Festival at Harvard

Last Sunday we discovered the Sunday Festival at Harvard where they close the streets and have stalls selling a whole variety of goods (clothing, jewellery, food and lots of other interesting items). We discovered in one street the street chalk drawing competition. Each stall was sponsered by a local business… Read more“Sunday Street Festival at Harvard”

Can you guess the men in this film?

Men In Film Once again Philip Scott Johnson does a great job in creating visual art this time about men in film. I know I recognised at least half the men in the film. The list appears below – look at the film first before you read this list then… Read more“Can you guess the men in this film?”

Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson is featured in this video on Do schools kill creativity? The video goes for 20 minutes and is quite entertaining to watch – it’s ideal for parents to view or to use at a staff meeting to promote the value of a balanced curriculum. In the presentation… Read more“Do schools kill creativity?”

Is personalised learning the holy grail?

I was watching the Da Vinci Code movie the other night and got to pondering was the holy grail that so many knights had fought to find and in some cases protect, in fact Mary Magdalene’s sepulchre as the Dan Brown’s book suggested. In the movie it’s the paintings of Leonardo… Read more“Is personalised learning the holy grail?”