Revolution School, a must watch documentary on ABC television

There is a new 4 part documentary on our ABC channel called “Revolution School” with the first episode screened last week. I think this is a must watch show for anyone interested in schooling. The ABC took cameras into a normal secondary school for about a year with the aim of finding… Read more“Revolution School, a must watch documentary on ABC television”

EPS data wise team reflections

This is the last post in the series by the 4 teachers overseas inquiring into the data wise process. As our trip draws to a close, we spent time reflecting upon and synthesising our learning both from the Data Wise Institute, and what we saw of the process within the… Read more“EPS data wise team reflections”

EPS visits Jefferson Elementary School in New York

This blog entry is the eighth in a series from the team visiting schools in the States and comes to you from the ‘Big Apple.’ Today we visited Jefferson Elementary School (K-5), located in upstate New York in a town called New Rochelle. We were greeted by the New Rochelle School… Read more“EPS visits Jefferson Elementary School in New York”

time for great teaching – a report on how

  I’ve recently read the Gratton Report “Making time for great teaching“. In the executive summary is says: Government regulations restrict schools. Enterprise bargaining agreements restrict changes to work schedules, and duty of care requirements restrain schools that want to free their teachers from child minding to focus on improving… Read more“time for great teaching – a report on how”

Understanding defined by measurement?

“It is important to measure performance because if you can’t measure it, you can’t understand it; if you can’t understand it, you can’t control it and if you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” The Times of India I recently read an article on rewarding student leadership in schools… Read more“Understanding defined by measurement?”

Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.

Last month David Rease Jnr from Harvard visited Elsternwick to view our progress in implementing the Data Wise: Inquiry Approach to Improving Instruction in schools. We were quite chuffed at David’s visit and recorded this clip  to capture some of his initial observations and reflections. As you will hear he commented… Read more“Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.”

Personalising is really an outcome of differentiation: points to note for educators

At a recent regional Principal conference I heard Vic Zbar, an educational consultant based in Victoria; speak about personalising teaching and learning. Personalising learning he put it was really an outcome of differentiation. Vic then made a number of points I thought worth repeating: There is generally too much whole class… Read more“Personalising is really an outcome of differentiation: points to note for educators”

A new Internet paradigm for learning.

Last month I was fortunate to hear Mark Treadwell [pictured above] speak to a group of aspirant leaders I am mentoring. He had some I think important things to say about learning and I think leadership. He began the morning making the case for a new paradigm shift for learning…. Read more“A new Internet paradigm for learning.”

Three improvement strategies to make a difference to relationships and learning.

Over the past 2 months we have focused on preparing our teachers to differentiate instruction. I’m writing this post to explain to readers within my own community why this emphasis on preparation and why we need to adopt three different strategies at the same time to gain the improvement in… Read more“Three improvement strategies to make a difference to relationships and learning.”

Is there an execution gap between our goals and actions?

I’ve been reflecting lately on our strategic plan which lists a number of worthwhile actions and improvement goals. I know the goals as the principal as I interact with the plan on a regular basis but I wonder if  they are remembered by everyone at school? The goals are not… Read more“Is there an execution gap between our goals and actions?”

Using data to improve teaching – a work in progress.

I don’t think many teachers would disagree with the idea that its a good thing to use student assessment data to try and determine what students need to learn next, at least in Victorian schools – or would they? Often teachers disagree on what student assessment data they find useful for… Read more“Using data to improve teaching – a work in progress.”

TIMMS test results spark controversy

This past fortnight I have talked about my schools performance on national tests to school council [NAPLAN] and now I’ve seen lots of editorials and responses in newspapers about Australia’s performance in the recent international tests in maths and science for years 4 and 8 students called TIMMS. Kevin Donnelly wrote in… Read more“TIMMS test results spark controversy”

Student transitions from year to year

Today whilst hearing about the Departments latest version of the school review I had one of those light bulb moments when I heard a school reviewer talk about student transitions. To put this into context in Victoria all public schools have a school review every four years. There are various… Read more“Student transitions from year to year”