The plus delta of an ipad overseas.

This is just a small post on what I love and find frustrtaing using the ipad as a work tool overseas. Yesterday we visited a school in Cambridge (John Tobin) and I took some photos. The ipad was great (compact, user friendly).

I went back to the hotel and began to write a post but couldn’t upload photos from my ipad frustrating as the photos provide so much context to my reflctions. Some of the WordPress toolbars in admin seem to be missing (don’t understand). I’m trying to make time this morning to go into the Apple store to resolve this. However having SKYPED home from Boston I’m feeling better.

Talking about Skype I didn’t get the time zone right and contacted my daughter in class (AWKS). She is in her final year of High School. It was like watching her in class and hearing the teacher speak – clarity unbelievable.

Anyway off to the Apple store soon and hope to post on my experiences with photos soon.

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