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Schools hit by Principal Shortage

I don’t often copy an article published by a local newspaper but on this issue, one I’m passionate about and not just for self-interest reasons, I feel its important to it put out there for general community discussion. VICTORIAN government … Continue reading

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Hard lessons for better leadership

I’ve been feeling a mixture of guilt, fatigue andĀ overload over the past month as I grapple with work commitments and university study so the blog has gone somewhat quiet of late. But I couldn’t help notice this article by Professor … Continue reading

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pink on performance pay

I was watching question time in Federal Parliament the other night having arrived home from a late school council meeting. I know you must be thinking – what question time? There was a question put to one of the ministers … Continue reading

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League tables

Over the past week newspapers all over Australia have featured articles and editorials on the Federal Governments new tax payer funded website “My School” which will allow parents [and others] to see how their schools rates against the national average … Continue reading

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Principal’s unhappy with “deal” and stop work.

On Wednesday the Australian Principal’s Federation [APF] called a stop work over the proposed industrial agreement. Its the first time anyone could remember principal class officers taking industrial action as a group. I took this image at the stop work … Continue reading

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