Spending too much time after lunch in early intervention conversations?


Recently we had Marg Armstrong do a refresher at our staff meeting on the need to continually build relationships in classrooms and across the staff. We sat in a circle at our staff meeting and Marg regrouped us according to how far we were born away from the school. It was interesting exercise – we then had to find a connections between people in groups of 6.

We then sat around in a circle talking about ways we could more regularly do work in circles in our classrooms (and some of the barriers) e.g. call the attendance roll. Circles are part of the primary prevention work we need to do to build effective classroom learning communities. Young people, and indeed everyone, learns better in safe and trusting communities where you won’t be put down or teased for taking a risk and trying to put forward an answer or point of view.

Marg suggested if you are spending some or lots of time in the early intervention section of the triangle (e.g. resolving problems from the school yard) its telling you your nor doing enough of the primary prevention work – sounds simple but how quickly this drops off as the busy academic schedule rolls on !

Sound familiar hope this has been helpful.

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  1. nina davis says:

    This has got me thinking! Yes, I’ve been having those early intervention talks after lunch. Time for more primary intervention work in the classroom. Do I have time? I can make time and save time from those after recess chats…
    Cheers Nina

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