Walkthrough on Relational Learning

Over the past month we have conducted weekly walkthroughs to gather data on elements of our school culture. Prior to conducting a walkthrough we asked staff what they thought the protocols surrounding walkthrough should be. To build and keep up trust we have followed these staff listed protocols. These protocols… Read more“Walkthrough on Relational Learning”

Marzano makes a point about the use of his protocol in observing instruction in classrooms

Just a short clip on the use of protocols when observing instruction. here Marzano talks about the use of his protocol and not to be confused with other techniques. It’s a timely reminder as we here in Victoria embarked on the use of Instructional Rounds.

How far have we come as teachers in using technology to engage learners?

Have a quick flick through this presentation as we in Australia shut down for the summer school holiday period. I’m reminded of a now famous quote “Yes we can” when I see this. I remember as far back as the spirit duplicator – what about you? The presentation comes from… Read more“How far have we come as teachers in using technology to engage learners?”

Learning Walks on improved relationships and engagement.

Near the end of February my Assistant Principal and I went on a series of learning walks or walkthroughs with a focus on classroom rules and norms of working. We spent a short time in each classroom listening to students and teachers talking, we looked around the room for anchor charts teachers… Read more“Learning Walks on improved relationships and engagement.”

School improvement is not unlike peeling an onion – the jouney is layered and may produce tears .

  At most weekly leadership meetings we agenda a discussion on a published research paper distributed and read prior to meeting and this week it was the 90/90/90 Schools: A Case Study article. The article written by two journalists was based on research of some schools in lower socio-economic communities in America that… Read more“School improvement is not unlike peeling an onion – the jouney is layered and may produce tears .”

Maths materials – tools or manipulatives? A walkthrough query.

Readers of my blog will know that we have Michaal Ymer, an educator with a focus on maths, coaching teachers in classrooms. Michael early on in his work with us presented three main messages: students need maths materials to manipulate so that they get a better understanding of concepts – less… Read more“Maths materials – tools or manipulatives? A walkthrough query.”

Does consistency mean sameness or mindfulness?

At this weeks staff meeting Sarah, the assistant principal and I talked about the weeks walkthroughs posing some questions in particular the above question – is consistency between classrooms sameness or mindfulness?  We used a fish bowl strategy to share our thoughts where Sarah and I have a partly scripted dialogue surrounded by the staff. I used an… Read more“Does consistency mean sameness or mindfulness?”

Teaching and learning coaches in schools

At this weeks district Principal’s meeting we heard a report from one of DEECD’s appointed teacher coaches working in our local public schools. She spoke about frustrations over the system’s need for accountability data  verses the need to just do it with people and I understand both view points. Her report… Read more“Teaching and learning coaches in schools”

What drives your classroom coaching program?

Last year I caught up with Barrie Bennett in Toronto and had the chance to talk through his framework for classroom improvement. It was one of those light bulb moments when it became clear for me what the missing focus was in both walkthroughs and in the schools coaching programme. We needed to… Read more“What drives your classroom coaching program?”

Raise the Bar and Close the Gap

At last weeks principal network meeting we briefly talked about this notion of raising the bar on student achievement. Michael Fullan defines moral purpose for schools in terms of raising the bar and closing the achievement gap. The conversation was started from a report of a neighbouring network conducting principal walkthroughs in… Read more“Raise the Bar and Close the Gap”