A shock – bullying too close to home!

Last night I was shown a clip of Australia’s number 1 cyber bully, Tristan Barker. This story featured heavily in the New Zealand press where he is currently living with his father. I suppose what brought this to home was that I coached this young person in a Saturday afternoon… Read more“A shock – bullying too close to home!”

Lessons from Steve Jobs

I’ve just finished reading the authorised biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I bought the book while travelling to the States in June of this year where everyone seemed to be reading it and finally made the time while on holidays to finish this “warts and all” account of his… Read more“Lessons from Steve Jobs”

Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.

Last month David Rease Jnr from Harvard visited Elsternwick to view our progress in implementing the Data Wise: Inquiry Approach to Improving Instruction in schools. We were quite chuffed at David’s visit and recorded this clip  to capture some of his initial observations and reflections. As you will hear he commented… Read more“Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.”

Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.

Last week as part of Education Week we held our second parent and teacher forum on cyber safety. The presenter for this session was Susan McLean. We had 50 parents attend Susan’s presentation and this combined with the first cyber safety session earlier in the term means about 20% of… Read more“Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.”

Like to start teacher conversation about observing practice – with humour?

Recently we ran a workshop on observing teacher practice in classrooms within a coaching relationship. To break the ice but make the point we used this clip from Summer Heights High which was an Australian TV show that “sent up” schools.  It successfully broke the ice and teachers talked about instruction… Read more“Like to start teacher conversation about observing practice – with humour?”

Rick Wormeli on redo’s and retakes

I’ve been pondering some recent parent feedback about our senior students lack of engagement with some teachers and the material they are expected to learn. I began my reflections about the students coming from the digital generation and expecting to be entertained by teachers otherwise they are bored or non… Read more“Rick Wormeli on redo’s and retakes”

Wikipedia – an example of the social construction of knowledge.

I was conducting a school tour recently for prospective parents where we started to discuss the social construction of knowledge. My tours do go to some ‘random’ places. A prospective parent asked why we placed such importance on personal and interpersonal learning skills and I was responding that we construct knowledge in… Read more“Wikipedia – an example of the social construction of knowledge.”

Do you have a fixed or fluid mindset?

Occasionally you stumble upon some research that just makes sense. Well this research about the effects of fixed and fluid mindsets on student motivation made sense to me. Have you heard someone say they just no good at………… maths or whatever…. this suggests they may have a fixed mindset. Carol Dweck… Read more“Do you have a fixed or fluid mindset?”

changing paradigm for universities

Having just completed a course at University I have some experience in the way universities use technology for learning. Most of my notes were online, the bulk of the articles I used in my research came from online journals where it was easy to search, download the article and reference into… Read more“changing paradigm for universities”

Implications of the “still face” experiment

Thanks to John Connell for this clip which I think has wider implications for all those working with our youth – not just parents with babies. I think this experiment along with a few others like the little Albert Experiment were banned some time ago. In the process of getting to… Read more“Implications of the “still face” experiment”