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Michael McQueen on navigating around student engagement.

This is the second post from that Principal’s conference I attended last term. The theme if your read the first post (McCrindle) was on social trends and their impact on education, schools and teachers. We were fortunate to have two … Continue reading

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McCindle says students don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.

Mark McCrindle, a social researcher, ┬ápresented at a conference I attended last term. His presentation was full of really interesting data or information on the various mega trends that effect education in general. The presentation is featured below. In the … Continue reading

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Understanding defined by measurement?

“It is important to measure performance because if you can’t measure it, you can’t understand it; if you can’t understand it, you can’t control it and if you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” The Times of India I … Continue reading

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meanings behind words

One of my key roles as an instructional leader is to act as a “coach” to a number of our year level planning teams. An Assistant Principal dropped into one of these meeting where we were discussing spelling and its … Continue reading

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Bo’ai Primary School our sister school

A few months ago I visited our sister school Bo’ai Primary School, Changzhao in China. The school has 3 sites: a Year 1/2 school for about 1,500 students, an older site currently being demolished and rebuilt and a new site … Continue reading

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Standing on the Great Wall of China.

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Happy Anniversary

I was recently sent this Happy Anniversary note from Word Press for 5 years of blogging and I was kind of chuffed. You forget this sort of stuff – thanks to my readers is what I need to be saying. … Continue reading

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Lions at the “G”

  Last week we hosted two of our “British Lions” friends for the week in Melbourne. This photo was taken at the MCG during an Aussie Rules game and I think both Will and Lewis were impressed not only with … Continue reading

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Are schools are at a “Tipping Point” in supplying ICT to students!

I’m writing this post to explore viewpoints on a school’s capacity to supply ICT to students – for I propose schools are at a “tipping point” in their attempts to achieve this by themselves. A little context perhaps: About 10 … Continue reading

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University Review Boards

It’s a strange journey we sometimes take. Here was I two years ago a graduate of the Masters course and now …. I was humbled to be asked to serve on a review board for a Masters course/s at Monash … Continue reading

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Bo’ai to Elsternwick students talk via Skype

  This week we had our second Skype session with our sister school, Bo’ai PS, in Changzhao China. The clarity of the picture was amazing considering it was on wireless network. What we tried this time was as the picture … Continue reading

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A great view

This is a great view of one of my favourite mountains. –> Everest -A time lapse short film from Elia Saikaly on Vimeo.

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Do all lesson structures support students retaining information?

Recently I was listening to a teacher at my school, Aylie Berger, present some work on learning in Mathematics. A number of items were really interesting but for me the research around the “primary recency effect and cognitive closure” really … Continue reading

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lost i phone

This weekend I lost my i phone. I was out at a restaurant and after paying the bill walked out with friends leaving my phone on the table. It wasn’t till the next morning that I discovered – no phone … Continue reading

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Easter Break

Over the Easter break I was fortunate to stay in a small ski lodge at the foot of Mt Buller. While I was there I took this shot whilst walking along the Delatite River.

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