A twist on parent teacher interviews

This week we completed our 2nd round of parent teacher interviews. They were held in August, which is just over half way through the academic school year. So what’s different you might ask?

The students 1/2 year written reports were sent home in June – I hear some saying isn’t that a bit late to hold interviews 2 months after mid year reports?

Well we are trying to take a more formative view of the assessment and reporting cycle to parents.

That is to say we assess to teach!

We collect standardized data twice in a school year – the first being after a young person settles into school in late February/March and then again after the mid year reports in July/August. The data is then analyzed by teaching teams to inform the next 4 to 5 instructional months. Teachers plot student and class learning goals (some in consultation with students) and then hold parent teacher interviews to explain to parents their child’s goals and in some cases what they might do to support their children’s academic achievement.

Each 2 – 4 weeks we reassess student progress and their needs usually by looking at student work samples and then plan accordingly.

So the twist – hold interviews to partner the work not simply report on the work!

Each parent left our interviews with sheet stating the key learning goals for their child – the feedback has been really positive from both teachers and parents.