Michael McQueen on decoding todays students

This is the last post from the Principal conference and the second on Michael McQueen I thought worth sharing. In this post he identifies 7 paradigm rifts if we are to understand todays students: The concept of truth being an absolute (black and white) which I take from my baby… Read more“Michael McQueen on decoding todays students”

A few challenges to the idea of “life long learning.”

Last week I was privileged to spend 3 days interacting with James Nottingham and others around the topic of life long learning. He made to me some valuable points worth exploring a little further. “tests show only what a child has learnt to that point and nothing else”      Binet 1857 –… Read more“A few challenges to the idea of “life long learning.””

Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.

Ever been to a professional learning workshop or presentation and felt discomfort, challenged, empowered and an overwhelming sense relief all at the same time? Well I have several times (lucky me some might say) and this session led by Everett Kline on assessment at the2011 ASCD summer conference in Boston… Read more“Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.”

Carol Tomlinson: an encounter to remember!

This year in our Instructional Rounds group within the local network of schools we purchased Carol Tomlinson’s book “Leading and Managing A Differentiated Classroom” to use as a base text for understanding our observation of instruction in classrooms. Last year I was privileged to attend the ASCD Summer Conference in… Read more“Carol Tomlinson: an encounter to remember!”

Inspect what you expect

Earlier this year Penny, one of my assistant Principal’s, and I participated in the ASCD summer conference in Boston. One workshop we attended was by Pete Hall the Principal of Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane. Pete spoke about the need to monitor classroom instruction to improve performance. He used a walk-through as tool to monitor instruction… Read more“Inspect what you expect”

Educating for the unknown- what’s worth learning?

David Perkins from Harvard University was another keynote speaker at the Singapore conference. He put the proposition that a lot of what goes on in schools is educating for the known – we teach lots of information – spelling rules or maths equations or history often decided by state wide… Read more“Educating for the unknown- what’s worth learning?”

Instructional Leadership Presentation in Singapore: Using data to improve instruction

I co-presented at the international conference in Singapore on instructional leadership and the use of data and other strategies to improve student learning. After the session, which was cut short, there were a number of questions asked by delegates on the presentation and I said I would share the paper and… Read more“Instructional Leadership Presentation in Singapore: Using data to improve instruction”

Kishore Mahbubani – The New Asian Hemisphere.

Certainly one of the more challenging speakers at the recent World Convention of Principals was Kishore Mahbubani. For those not familiar with Kishore or his work, and I was one of them, he is currently a Professor in Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and has published 3 significant books as… Read more“Kishore Mahbubani – The New Asian Hemisphere.”

World Convention of the International Confederation of Principals – Singapore – a hit!

I have just returned from the 9th World Convention of the International Confederation of Principals in Singapore. It was truly an international convention with1,400 delegates from over 40 countries. It was also an opportunity to meet up with old friends and colleagues like Sita, who I first met whilst studying… Read more“World Convention of the International Confederation of Principals – Singapore – a hit!”

“Necessary but not sufficient”

  This phrase “necessary but not sufficient” has been ringing in my ears of recent weeks when thinking about those students who are achieving below minimim standards. I first heard Paul Brock use the phase and subsequently I have used it when speaking to teachers about our NAPLAN data.  I was… Read more““Necessary but not sufficient””

The Class Size Debate

I was fortunate to meet John Hattie recently who is one academic I often quote in my work. John Hattie is from New Zealand and has been researching amongst other things the effects of various strategies or innovations on student learning. As I start to plan the 2009 school year I… Read more“The Class Size Debate”

Ethics in teaching grammar – surely not to pass tests?

I recalled a conversation I heard between Jerry Starratt and Hedley Beare recently on how metaphors can portray or even drive our thinking about curriculum when I read an article [featured in the daily newspapers in most capital cities] about the new National Curriculum. The articles were calling for a back to basics in writing by… Read more“Ethics in teaching grammar – surely not to pass tests?”

“learning that is supported by teaching”

At the recent ACEL conference in Melbourne I heard a group of young leaders from a school in Greenford High School in West London speak about their contributions to school improvement which included students being trained to give constructive feedback to volunteer secondary teachers on lessons they teach. They attend key faculty meetings… Read more““learning that is supported by teaching””

Making a difference by Douglas Reeves.

I was fortunate to hear Douglas Reeves for the second time at the recent ACEL conference in Melbourne. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the Center for Performance Assessment, an organization dedicated to improving student achievement and educational equity. In his address and subsequent workshop he made many… Read more“Making a difference by Douglas Reeves.”

Shift Happens: Australian Version

Readers of my blog will know how I have used the Shift Happens clip to stimulate discussion at staff, council and parent levels about futures in schools. One of the workshops at the recent ACEL conference put me onto the Australian version which still has some USA data but at… Read more“Shift Happens: Australian Version”