Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.

Ever been to a professional learning workshop or presentation and felt discomfort, challenged, empowered and an overwhelming sense relief all at the same time? Well I have several times (lucky me some might say) and this session led by Everett Kline on assessment at the2011 ASCD summer conference in Boston… Read more“Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.”

Carol Tomlinson: an encounter to remember!

This year in our Instructional Rounds group within the local network of schools we purchased Carol Tomlinson’s book “Leading and Managing A Differentiated Classroom” to use as a base text for understanding our observation of instruction in classrooms. Last year I was privileged to attend the ASCD Summer Conference in… Read more“Carol Tomlinson: an encounter to remember!”

Inspect what you expect

Earlier this year Penny, one of my assistant Principal’s, and I participated in the ASCD summer conference in Boston. One workshop we attended was by Pete Hall the Principal of Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane. Pete spoke about the need to monitor classroom instruction to improve performance. He used a walk-through as tool to monitor instruction… Read more“Inspect what you expect”