How far have we come as teachers in using technology to engage learners?

Have a quick flick through this presentation as we in Australia shut down for the summer school holiday period. I’m reminded of a now famous quote “Yes we can” when I see this. I remember as far back as the spirit duplicator – what about you?

The presentation comes from Alan Stange’s blog – thanks Alan

On the same storyline I came across this clip which has a great story about a children copying homework for the weekend from the chalkboard. It challenges us in the future to us the tools we have to personalise learning for students.

In 2010 my school has been selected as a lead school in the implementation of what we in Victoria will call the Ultranet – an online community that connects teachers, students and parents with lots of social networking tools [e.g. blogs and wikis], individual portfolios, parent portals and much much more. I’m sure I’ll post about this next year but its exciting to teaching at this time.  Perhaps this will replace the teacher writing homework tasks on the blackboard?

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  1. ninad says:

    Hi Mark,
    I think your last comment might be spam.Is it? I get some like this. Also been getting a lot of advertising companies sending me emails asking me to blog about various things.
    Cheers Nina

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