Get Smart – Open the Classroom Doors!

One of the central themes of the Big Day Out this year was to “get smart and open the classrooms doors” so that instruction, which can often seen as private teacher business, can be seen and improved. Each year Darrell Fraser, the deputy secretary of the Department [DEECD] gathers together all the principals… Read more“Get Smart – Open the Classroom Doors!”

Test scores not the total answer

Thanks to Warrick Wynne I found this, what I call a protest clip on testing that makes an even stronger point on the need for deeper learning, feedback and challenge loops, the value of arts and the need to challenge any report or system that has test scores as the… Read more“Test scores not the total answer”

High Stakes Testing

I was prompted to do some research around what some call high stakes testing after a discussion at a leadership meeting recently where we discussed in my opinion the low value of testing unless the student got feedback on what to improve next and the teacher on the next learning challenge… Read more“High Stakes Testing”

“School can be like a vacuum cleaner sucking the knowledge out of kids.”

I am working on one of the DEECD principal focus groups for building an instructional model for teachers in Victoria. During the first workshop we listened to this video clip from Richard Elmore talking about some of the challenges.  Richard makes a point that many students loose the knowledge and… Read more““School can be like a vacuum cleaner sucking the knowledge out of kids.””

Student Leadership

I was talking to the senior students at school this week and used this clip to start the discussion about leadership changing the world We often start in our own backyard so to speak in small ways and the students said by being kind to someone, or putting away sports equipment without being asked . I… Read more“Student Leadership”