Web 2.0 tools and communication expectations?

Thanks to Greg Carroll from New Zealand for the link. I’m talking more and more in the staff room and off the cuff comments about the social medium of web 2.0 at staff meetings these days. There seems some tensions around this in schools! I recently thought about a “communication… Read more“Web 2.0 tools and communication expectations?”

Get Smart – Open the Classroom Doors!

One of the central themes of the Big Day Out this year was to “get smart and open the classrooms doors” so that instruction, which can often seen as private teacher business, can be seen and improved. Each year Darrell Fraser, the deputy secretary of the Department [DEECD] gathers together all the principals… Read more“Get Smart – Open the Classroom Doors!”

Teaching and learning coaches in schools

At this weeks district Principal’s meeting we heard a report from one of DEECD’s appointed teacher coaches working in our local public schools. She spoke about frustrations over the system’s need for accountability data  verses the need to just do it with people and I understand both view points. Her report… Read more“Teaching and learning coaches in schools”

Fishbowling protocols that look at student work

This week we took the second step in learning to use protocols to look at student work.  At the staff meeting the leadership team modelled the process using a fishbowl technique. Teacher feedback from last weeks introduction to protocols indicated more learning experiences were required before they were ready to use one. The leadership… Read more“Fishbowling protocols that look at student work”

Why use protocols when looking at student work?

We posed this question at a team leadership meeting last year when we discussed the quest to personalise learning more for our students? Perhaps one answer came after we introduced the idea to staff last week – it’s a bit like moderating student work except I might get more of a say.  Using… Read more“Why use protocols when looking at student work?”