Community Project – a school orchard

Last month my school community led by a dedicated group of parents came together to construct a school orchard. This project has been in the planning phase for over 12 months as the committee rasied funds, involved some university students in the conceptual planing phase, gathered some parents who were passionate about… Read more“Community Project – a school orchard”

New School Facilities

This photo of the new school gym and performing arts centre was taken over the January 2010 school holidays. Part of the governments recession proofing strategy in 2009 was to build much needed school buildings. Elsternwick Primary School was entitled within this package to a new school gym. The building… Read more“New School Facilities”

Reflections on a year just finished – what changed and what’s ahead.

Photo courtesy of Bayside leader At the end of a school year I generally get a little reflective – after a day or two on holidays that is and after I’ve spent some time catching up on the uncompleted tasks – which I just have. Well my first reflection is… Read more“Reflections on a year just finished – what changed and what’s ahead.”

Parramatta Catholic Education Office tours Elsternwick

This week I have had colleagues from the Catholic Education office in Parramatta NSW visit Elsternwick Primary to look at the use of flexible learning spaces, how technology is embedded into facilities and the curriculum, as well as a model of Inquiry learning. It was a privilege to be asked to… Read more“Parramatta Catholic Education Office tours Elsternwick”

New Learning Spaces in Denmark

Thanks to a new site I discovered by Andrew Fraser I was able to get this clip from a school in Denmark who are trying to change their pedagogy using more flexible spaces – really like his comment that the classroom boxes are a relic of an old society seen… Read more“New Learning Spaces in Denmark”

New Learning Spaces

This is another post on learning spaces we have constructed. These images are of a new building that houses years 5 and 6 students. The first image is of a large central spaces that facilitates learning in different size groups. There are digital whiteboards located at either end of the… Read more“New Learning Spaces”

old library being removed

old library being removed, originally uploaded by markwalker.teacher. Just before the school holidays the old library was shifted to another school. Our new library which is part of the major construction project should be open in the third week of term 3. If you are interested in seeing photos of… Read more“old library being removed”

Learning Spaces

  As we near the occupancy of the first new learning spaces constructed at Elsternwick Primary since 1920, and before I am completely swept away with the detail surrounding the final stages of this building, the whole construction process begs me to reflect on the initial learning pedagogy behind the… Read more“Learning Spaces”

Design meets learning

The teachers in the Years 5/6 team at Elsternwick Primary are faced with many challenges and questions when co-designing learning environments that stimulate and promote both collaborative and individual learning as well as the environment supporting students and teachers living a set of values: respect, responsibility and resilience.   The teachers who are currently… Read more“Design meets learning”