Reinventing Writing is that possible?

Recently I stumbled upon the work of Vicki Davis a classroom teacher (middle or secondary I think) in the States who is working on using technology to reinvent writing. The clip above is long (20 minutes) but I think she makes some points that are applicable to higher elementary or primary aged students particularly if they have access to a 1:1 program. She makes some points are also applicable to lower year levels as well – you be the judge.

  • revision: truly worked pieces are revised some 15 plus times but not with the teacher as the only feedback loop (collaborative writing communities give and receive feedback from others – using technology like google docs or notes)
  • audience – those students who only write for the teacher have missed the point about knowledge and understanding – its shared – have differing audiences is a critical point here – here again technology (wiki / blog / ebook etc..).

We are exploring writing here at EPS and I’m wanting to broaden the debate beyond teachers in classrooms. What are your thoughts?