Instructional Rounds and Data Wise.

Last week I facilitated an Instructional Round at a neighbouring school and tried to embrace some of the principles of Data Wise into the evidentiary analysis of the observations. The initiative was well received so I thought I would share it. There were 3 groups of principals who observed students… Read more“Instructional Rounds and Data Wise.”

Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.

Ever been to a professional learning workshop or presentation and felt discomfort, challenged, empowered and an overwhelming sense relief all at the same time? Well I have several times (lucky me some might say) and this session led by Everett Kline on assessment at the2011 ASCD summer conference in Boston… Read more“Everett Kline challenges our assessment beliefs and practices.”

Like to start teacher conversation about observing practice – with humour?

Recently we ran a workshop on observing teacher practice in classrooms within a coaching relationship. To break the ice but make the point we used this clip from Summer Heights High which was an Australian TV show that “sent up” schools.  It successfully broke the ice and teachers talked about instruction… Read more“Like to start teacher conversation about observing practice – with humour?”

Rick Wormeli on redo’s and retakes

I’ve been pondering some recent parent feedback about our senior students lack of engagement with some teachers and the material they are expected to learn. I began my reflections about the students coming from the digital generation and expecting to be entertained by teachers otherwise they are bored or non… Read more“Rick Wormeli on redo’s and retakes”

Inspect what you expect

Earlier this year Penny, one of my assistant Principal’s, and I participated in the ASCD summer conference in Boston. One workshop we attended was by Pete Hall the Principal of Sheridan Elementary School in Spokane. Pete spoke about the need to monitor classroom instruction to improve performance. He used a walk-through as tool to monitor instruction… Read more“Inspect what you expect”

Do you have a fixed or fluid mindset?

Occasionally you stumble upon some research that just makes sense. Well this research about the effects of fixed and fluid mindsets on student motivation made sense to me. Have you heard someone say they just no good at………… maths or whatever…. this suggests they may have a fixed mindset. Carol Dweck… Read more“Do you have a fixed or fluid mindset?”

Do student incentives give the wrong messages?

As we finish the school year and pack up for Christmas and the summer holidays I’m starting to reflect on what we achieved this year and what’s part of the journey ahead. We have just finished a 3 year building project which transformed 40% of classrooms and added new facilities… Read more“Do student incentives give the wrong messages?”