Famous speeches that one might use with students

Last week I was wandering around Chadstone Shopping Centre looking for basketball boots for my son’s birthday and I came across this book on 50 famous speeches that changed the world.

The book is now on my Christmas wish list however it has heightened my interest in famous speeches and their calls to action or change. Recently I was looking at a leadership blog and was linked to a John F Kennedy speech  Mindless Menace of Violence. The post was encouraging teachers to use teachable moments. It got me to thinking of the 50 speeches I would put in a book and then I started to seach You Tube for some of these speeches.

I then started to think about famous speeches in films and of course “To kill a Mockingbird” came to mind. The thing that amazes me is that we have immediate access to lots of these speeches at our finger tips and could use these to promote dialogue with students. It does get you to thinking about the rich amount of material that is available to teachers to use with students on these new digital whiteboards.

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  1. Donald says:

    I found your learning log this evening and loved it! What a great resource. I am in my fourth year as Principal, at Liberton High School in Edinburgh.

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