Dynamic Curriculum Mapping

Last week Michael Ymer worked with 3 of our teaching teams to plan the Math Curriculum for the next semester. Michael is one of our key educators we contract to build and support teacher learning. He coaches individual teachers in classrooms to build their instructional skills as well with teams in constructing math curriculum maps.

When you look at the photograph above it interesting to note the use of laptops and data projectors in planning. Michael was modelling the use of some excellent online curriculum resources from DEECD: digilearn [a portal of educational tools including film linked to specific learning goals – sorry you need a security number to access the portal], the maths continuum with its teaching points, activities and materials you need to use.

Teachers store their curriculum maps for the next semester on the school intranet so that all staff members can access and use them. The teachers “rave” about Michael’s support and his common sense approach to planning [e.g. don’t plan to cover too much as you end up not teaching the concept well or providing enough time for students to practise using different materials and just get frustrated].  

The prep team leader [the other Michael in this photo] was also showing some excellent resources the teachers could use on their digital whiteboards installed earlier this year in their classrooms.

It’s exciting to observe teachers use the power of technology to engage students and share their mapping of curriculum which broadens this de-privatisation of teaching. When our instructional practise is open to each other we can then truly observe, share, reflect and improve.