Social Networking

Most of us at some point have attended a party, work function or been somewhere where you look at a person and say I know you from somewhere. Well that happened to me last week  whilst attending a special session on Instructional Rounds with Professor Richard Elmore.

The session, which was absolutely brilliant, had just finished and I stood up to get some  lunch and looked at the next table and spotted these two women and thought I know their faces from somewhere.. but where?  Well one spoke and asked are you Mark Walker?  The rest is history as they say…. for it was Jenny and Nina two educators I had been networking across the web with but never met before.

Jenny and Nina have a Ning on which they share their work on Instructional Rounds which I have linked to my blog. We have shared stories about our work for some time and to finally meet them was not only a surprise but as they said felt kind of weird for we knew a lot about each other and yet this was the first meeting.

One gets to wonder if others who correspond for a while and then meet fell the same way? 

We are going to set up a visit where we can talk further about our work next term which I’m looking forward to but in the meantime check out the links.