Differentiated instruction the Holy Grail or something that can be done?

Last term our district instructional rounds team visited a school where the leadership team identified differentiation in instruction as the problem of practice. Nina and Jenni posted this clip on the Ning and I have copied it to my blog as I think its a great 20 minute clip and that sets up a discussion with teachers on what differentiated instruction is and isn’t.

Two things are clear – there is no one way to differentiate instruction and that simply giving more work to the “brighter students” isn’t differentiation either. His two articles are worth reading.

Rick Wormeli has some great links on differentiation. He breaks 10 common myths about differentiation that are well worth reading.

Thanks  Nina for the link.

For parents from Elsternwick reading this clip – think differentiation as part of the personalisation of education we are seeking in our school – it’s a goal in our strategic plan.

Now its up to you – is this clip worth it – does it set the record straight?

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2 Responses to Differentiated instruction the Holy Grail or something that can be done?

  1. Nina says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’ve just read eveything you’ve written and watched everything you’ve uploaded on data/assessemnt. I’m particularly interested in the use of SPA by your school. Is having this tool at your teacher’s fingertips making a difference? I would love to see this.
    Data is my weakeness, not at classroom level, but when it involves the big trends etc. Having something like this would allow me to take time sorting it ‘out in my head’. Just reading your blog has clarified many things for me.
    Thanks & Cheers Nina

    • mwalker says:

      So far SPA just has the NAPLAN results – we intend to put the online assessments into SPA this year and I think that’s when this will becomes really useful for teachers in classrooms. When this has been completed I’ll pass on the teachers thoughts to you.
      Thanks Mark

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