Principal’s can graduate too!

Here are three shots that capture parts of my graduation from Monash University with a Masters in School Leadership.

Two shots were taken with the supervising professors from Monash and my mentor and friend Ray at a Department of Education presentation ceremony as they funded a significant proportion of the financial cost of the Masters Program. The third night shot is taken at the official graduation ceremony at Monash University.

Needless to say one feels mixed emotions during graduation:

  • relief to have finished and passed the course – although I must say some parts of the academic life never leave you e.g. professional reading and constant writing.
  • exhilaration at gaining some time back in my life to enjoy some other passions e.g. golf
  • enormous gratitude to my family particularly my wife Merryn who supported me in lots of ways – great to have your own kids there at the graduation ceremony -I felt a sense of pride when one said they were proud of me.
  • time back at school to attend to some of the smaller but important things  like having more conversations with students and teachers at school about their passions and interests

I’m yet to try and publish my research which focused on Instructional Rounds in a journal or magazine but I now have time to rewrite a few sections of the work. Its a great feeling of accomplishment to have completed the course that I just wanted to share and encourage others to do.

We need well qualified leaders in schools who have not only learn from their experiences through reflection but have some academic skills that will enable them to lead complex change that benefits students and ultimately society.

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