I have been thinking about using podcasts on my blog and / or school website to talk about upcoming events or talk through some thinking about various topics ie school purpose – and I came across Bill Carazzo’s blog entry about the start of the school year.

He had a link to his school website where he posts podcasts which you download and listened to. He had a really chatty podcast style where he listed upcoming events and just talked and commented on things. I think I imagined some highly scripted and intellectual challenging work which would take many hours to put together. Don’t get me wrong I think Bill had a script to some extent and his easy style was well practiced but he somhow made it seem not too hard.

So I’m imspired to give this a try next term. Bill used podomatic.com to record his podcasts which might also include a video – easy using my laptop – I think that’s called a vodcast.

So what this space – as they say.

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2 Responses to Podcasts

  1. mwalker says:

    Thanks Bill I intend to have a go as they say next term and will let you know. If your on skype at any time let me know – would like to chat about common ideas with you. My Skype address is m_walker2

  2. Bill Carozza says:

    Hi Mark:

    Thanks for the kind words on the Podcast! I did radio part-time years ago so podcasting was a natural thing. You’re right-it was not scripted. Basically, I just make a list of topics to cover and then I go for it. (There’s a little bit of editing in Garageband to get rid of some aahs and pops.)

    Let me know when you’re “on the air”!


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