Teaching Reading Clips

We have discovered this wonderful resources from the Canadian Curriculum Services which has great web casts with similar challenges to our schools: http://www.curriculum.org/secretariat/april18.shtml

We have been revising our understandings about reading instruction and what certain teaching strategies look and sound like. Up to this point point we had been revising guided reading. Teachers, particularly in after school workshops, really liked seeing the strategy modelled for them on the big screen and then to try and discuss how this might best be implemented in their classroom. We began to search around for a strategy that pertains to the years 4-6 students in our school – that of reciporical teaching – and bingo this site after some searching came up. 

Our current challenge lies in the area of student writing and again this site has some wonderful resources. If teachers have any additional sites worth recommending with similar web casts or links please refer them on.


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  1. mwalker says:

    Thanks for the question – I try and update my site at least twice per week which is a challenge some weeks particularly with work and study committments.

  2. Nadine says:

    Greatings, Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your mwalker.com.au.

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