Learning to Change and Changing to learn

I have been hanging onto this clip for a while not knowing what to do with it – in re-looking at it – again – its challenging. I heard some really interesting comments:

  • “nearly now” space created by technology where learners [this includes sudents and teachers] not feeling pressured but being able to use technology to reflect, research, repeat things – the nearly now space
  • classroom vs communities of learning – what do you set up each year or day?
  • If teachers are not connected globally – sharing their work – making connections – how can they support learners who want to?
  • technology can help us validate, synthesis and use information to solve problems – show me examples of this – subplot – not going to happen unless we study things that are connected to their reality now. 

The clip ends with the provocative statement “its the death of education and the birth of learning”. I think that’s a little like saying education in schools is toxic to learning – its not quite as bad as that. I think the real challenge is about how we write a story or narrative about 21st century learning that people can connect to.

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