The Power of Ummmmmm!


This is a video of Kath Murdoch, an educator we have a long association with at EPS, taken in at a Ted X talk in Canada recently. Her presentation features young people from my school.

I must say hearing them “wonder” something made me feel proud. It’s something to my teachers do in classrooms. Kath has worked with us to trial some i-time over the past 18 months. I-time is a space in the curriculum where young people get to explore their questions and wonderings.

I hear you all say – how can fit that in into a curriculum that is already crowded?  Well young people have to make a plan or a proposal for their investigation and find the asset they are wanting to work on (e.g. self managers) so the skills and attributes are there still its just that they get to explore their wonderings – guess what – it’s often a wondering about a recent inquiry topic – not always.

I just wanted to add that during a recent school review parents and teachers alike have changed one of our school values to ……..curiosity.

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