Implications of the “still face” experiment

Thanks to John Connell for this clip which I think has wider implications for all those working with our youth – not just parents with babies. I think this experiment along with a few others like the little Albert Experiment were banned some time ago.

In the process of getting to know the youth we teach particularly at the start of a school year we interact with them – with our words, our body and our facial expressions. When we show a ‘still face’ are we are saying I don’t care? We can get the sort of baby behaviours from youth[plus a little more as they are not strapped into high chairs] and it does sometimes make you think about your own actions .

Now I for the most part don’t see teachers having ‘still faces’ however we sometimes do get youth who have experienced ‘still faces’.

Maybe this is all a bit of a stretch but it does make you think.

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