Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 5.

Well…it’s over.

Today was a celebration of our journey so far. We spent some time-sharing our insights and dilemmas with another school, and used something called the “consultancy protocol” to give and receive feedback around our journey to date. We found it insightful to hear the different opinions and perspectives from the other team, some of which we had not considered.

Deirdra Aikens, from Leasure Elementary, shared her school’s journey with the Data Wise Improvement Process to date. Deirdra and her Assistant Principal David, had attended the Data Wise Summer Institute in 2011, and were in the same class as Mark and Penny. It was interesting for us who have heard about Data Wise since 2011 to compare the similarities and differences between Elsternwick’s journey and that of Leasure Elementary. We benefited from hearing her reflections and advice she gave about how each of us could return to implement some of learning within our own school context.
This afternoon’s session was a wonderful opportunity for all participants to reflect upon what they have learnt, (using a protocol we use at Elsternwick,  “I used to think, and Now I think…”) as well as celebrate the hard work of the teaching team and faculty throughout the week.
Having completed the Institute, we intend to spend the next two days to recharge the batteries and process as a team everything we have heard, seen, done and experienced. Next week we begin our school visits in the Boston area to see the Data Wise Improvement Process in action in a range of schools.
Did you know: That the Harry Widener Memorial Library was commissioned by his mother who was grief-stricken after she lost her son on the maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912. Despite being a first class passenger Harry did not board a lifeboat, instead giving his spot to one of the Widener family servants. Inside the library is a special reading room, reserved only for Harry’s his ghost. The only person allowed to enter this room it the curator who is tasked with delivering fresh flowers every day, as per Harry’s mother, Mrs Widener’s agreement with the University. 


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4 Responses to Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 5.

  1. Nina Davis says:

    I used to think and now I think… fantastic! What an opportunity. Cheers Nina

  2. Rosanna Grosso says:

    Well hello ‘Down Under Team’,
    I have enjoyed reading about your journey during your time at the Summer Institute. I look forward to hearing about your new learnings and what we can implement at EPS.

  3. mwalker says:

    Well it all seems to go so quick – you now move onto school visits and I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts there. Since you started blogging your posts from Harvard you have received over 500 views so the interest in the work is quite clear. I’d be interested in your view on the pace of change at EPS as compared to other schools implementation of the process. Its a real toss up sometimes as other imperatives also enter the change work (new national curriculum being a prime example).

Interested in your thoughts