Weight tests for new prep students

The Federal Government has just released a plan to weigh children before they start school to try and crack down on obesity. The Health Minister, Nicola Roxon was reported to have said that the  condition had become a national responsibility as one in four Australian children are already overweight or obese. If the child is identified as overweight parents will be given support and referred for further medical help.

This could be seen as radical move however I recall a conversation with a colleague from Singapore saying that their Trim and Fitness Program skin fold tested children for weight issues. If students did not pass they were referred to fitness programs as well as doctors for diet related issues.     

I think the issues whilst on the surface appear simply are more complex as some children I have taught had social and emotional issues influencing weight and families needed to be informed, counselled and committed before real progress occurred.

 I am sure we will hear more about this over the next 12 months.

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