Walkthrough on Relational Learning

Over the past month we have conducted weekly walkthroughs to gather data on elements of our school culture.

Prior to conducting a walkthrough we asked staff what they thought the protocols surrounding walkthrough should be. To build and keep up trust we have followed these staff listed protocols. These protocols are attached : walkthrough

In February we set out a goal of building personal relationships between teachers and students and students and their peers so that we can have supportive classroom learning environments. The walkthrough collected data on displayed artefacts about relational learning in classrooms and then asked randomly selected students some questions about the effect of this work. All of this data was then presented at the next staff meeting as one source of feedback for teachers to reflect upon.

Subsequent walkthroughs have noted increased work on this goal.

For me the big differences this year in using the walkthrough strategy  has been the clear tabulation of data (which is something I owe the work around Data Wise), asking students about the effects of the work (again clear data tables) and the celebrations of the work through photos collected on the walkthrough. We are now also collecting student quotes which adds a nice “human” touch to the data as well.

The overall effect has been very positive. What I’m interested in is feedback from other principals, school leaders or teachers using walkthroughs.

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