Data Wise at Elsternwick, a Harvard perspective.

Last month David Rease Jnr from Harvard visited Elsternwick to view our progress in implementing the Data Wise: Inquiry Approach to Improving Instruction in schools. We were quite chuffed at David’s visit and recorded this clip  to capture some of his initial observations and reflections.

As you will hear he commented on staying low on the ladder of inference when talking about his observations. David talks about how he observed the Ace Habits of Mind, which was essentially a professional learning tool, into the classroom.

I suppose his final reflections on the value of play during school time was the most surprising for us here in Victoria.

This is also the first clip I have posted on You Tube so I’m quite pleased with my first efforts here.

I’d be interested in hearing from other schools engaged in Data Wise work so that we may continue our learning.


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