Community Project – a school orchard

Last month my school community led by a dedicated group of parents came together to construct a school orchard.

This project has been in the planning phase for over 12 months as the committee rasied funds, involved some university students in the conceptual planing phase, gathered some parents who were passionate about environmental projects and or had certain skills that were critical in the construction phase.

The project took two weekends to construct with site preparations and then construction.

These photos are taken in the second weekend.

The orchard is not yet complete with plans to connect water tanks for irrigation and build a chicken coop for natural fertiliser.

The orchard will become one of our environmental study areas where students will come to learn about how to grow and harvest food in sustainable ways.

Of course as far as the young ones at school are concerned its when can I hold one of the chickens Mr Walker.

As the school principal I’m proud of the achievements of the parent community who came together to make a difference for the young people in our school. The project is a great example of what can be achieved through partnership – I like to say in school tours for prospective parents that you don’t get to just drop off your children at the gate if you decide to enrol at this school you join a community with all that that entails.

There are plans to extend this centre once fully operational to neighbouring kindergartens and other schools.

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