Jiangsu School Leaders Delegation

This week I was invited to meet a delegation of school leaders from the Jiangsu Province of China. After the introductions and overviews of each region or province were finished we had an opportunity to exchange views of education and ask each other questions.

The issues raised included money from governments, reviewing  and supporting teachers improve instruction and building school facilities in the style of their community or beliefs about learning. The school leaders from Jiangsu spoke about how they were impressed during their school visits with the students social skills, their sense of independence and the different styles of teaching that focused on students as individuals.

We have been invited to explore some closer relationships using online technologies with schools between the two regions that may lead to sister school ties in the future.

This is a great opportunity I fully intend to pursue.

PS I unsuccessfully  tried to use Google translater and insert the Mandarin translation under the text. All that came out was questions marks so if some could help that would be appreciated.

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