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Parents want more than jobs out of education for their children.

The Australian Newspaper features an article by Chris Mitchell “Parents want education system to prep kids for jobs, not political activism”. In the article he makes a number of claims and offers solutions which I think need a response. Mitchell’s … Continue reading

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What does back at school look like?

. As schools in Victoria resume face to face teaching over the next 2 weeks there might be a temptation for a period of testing to see where students are up to, what gaps may have occurred and know what … Continue reading

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Why aren’t us parents seeing any benefit in smaller class sizes?

I have just responded to this post by a parent: As a parent, the Bloomfield Public School system has sold smaller class sizes as part of their narrative. The experience of my two children has been a DECREASE in group … Continue reading

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Choosing Schools

Parents choosing schools based on the ‘vibe’ and community rather than test scores and fancy facilities This newspaper article attracted my attention over the weekend as it resonated with my experience as both a parent and school leader. In my … Continue reading

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mobile/cell phones on school or summer camps

that sixth graders who spent just five days at a tech-free sleepaway camp developed greater understanding of real-world interpersonal communication cues, including a better ability to read facial expressions, make eye contact, and interpret tone of voice and other prompts, … Continue reading

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A teacher letter to parents

Recently a young teacher sent a blog link to our staff email distribution list to read. The link went viral as I think it hit a spot with teachers about one of their frustrations. Apparently some schools have published the … Continue reading

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Shirley Clarke says tell students the truth if their work needs work.

  I’m re-reading Shirley Clarke’s book first published in 2008 on active learning and formative assessment. One of the points she makes in the book is the link between higher self-esteem and a growth mindset. We need to show enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Extended family holidays – an opportunity or a threat to learning?

Last week I was engaged in my school’s peer review process and we tossed around a question on extended student absence from school for family travel purposes. You see extended family holidays are close to the number one reason why … Continue reading

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the strap!

I was searching my back storeroom at work recently I came across one of the original straps used by Principals and some teachers who were delegated to “dish out” corporal punishment. Corporal punishment (that is legally striking a student with wooden … Continue reading

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Federal Government changes University funding – I fear for the worse!

It was with some trepidation that I write in this weeks school newsletter on the recent proposed changes to university funding arrangements. The links between primary schools and universities is not obvious in many cases. Quite a few of our … Continue reading

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“Ability alone does not lead you to success – you have to work for it!”

Thanks to James Nottingham’s Facebook page I came across an article by Carol Dweck , author of Mindset, where she talks about how she was influenced by and connected to 5 different published works. People may remember 2 prior posts ( mindsets , … Continue reading

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“What would you do if you could change the world?”

I have just picked up on the documentary now out at the movies “I am eleven” that poses this question to 11 year olds around the world. Why 11? I think Genevieve Bailey thought 11 years of age is a … Continue reading

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Appreciative relationships in schools.

I’m writing this post with a few reservations. My intent is not stir up the vast majority of parents (I am one too) for I feel they (or should I say we) generally have good relationships with our child’s teachers … Continue reading

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Susan McLean presents on cyber safety at Elsternwick PS.

Last week as part of Education Week we held our second parent and teacher forum on cyber safety. The presenter for this session was Susan McLean. We had 50 parents attend Susan’s presentation and this combined with the first cyber … Continue reading

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Selecting schools is not like shopping!

In writing my last post on community I’ve come to reflect on a phrase I used on school tours “please shop around before considering this school”. I’m wondering whether I contributed to a consumerist way of looking at education or schooling.  In saying … Continue reading

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