Reflections on University Life at Monash

Well, I have submitted my second reflective piece of writing this week, on my holidays. It’s been a while since I’ve had my writing “marked” and I was quite nervous I must say in accessing my assessment [what students at school must feel].

I liked the group feedback Phil, the professor gave about the writing and the 3 voices or lenses we must try and interweave: the professional, the personal and the scholarly. Like most principals and teachers we have no problems with the professional voice which we use a lot at school [newsletters, reports etc..], the scholarly takes a lot of reading and reflection – yes I’m still coming to grips with the citation style [APA] and the quantity of reading – but surprisingly its the personal [the emotional] that takes the time: “the more personal the more universal the message” is a saying that echoes a lot of truth for me.  

My second reflection is how universities have moved on technology wise – I guess its 16 years since I was last in one as a student. All essay’s or writings are submitted via an electronic blackboard – everyone in the class has access to the writing and is equally marked on the number comments they make on others writing. There is a blog one is expected to contribute to and all marks are accessed online. My presentation group has started a wiki so that we can collaborate and put it together without having to meet all the time. There are some messages here for the way we work in schools. I like it.

I would like to post one of reflective pieces of writing for general comment soon although I may have to edit some details as people might recognise the context. Any feedback is appreciated.