Some essential questions to ask.

I was referred to this speech by a close colleague of mine, also like myself a summer school alumni member of Harvard (if this is indeed claimable). Having listened to the speech now several times I cannot but help think about an inquiry colleague Kath Murdoch when Jame’s gets to his second question: I wonder and I wonder if…. This is a question starter I now hear myself ask time and again.

However its the last extra question he poses that gets to me now:

Did you get what you want out of life ..even so…

he answered to be beloved (admired and respected) and he extended that hope to students that they would be beloved by their teachers.

I cannot help but think … as I transition from the employment as a school principal to … well an experienced mentor role what do I leave behind from the system and schools that I served? I would do well to remember his questions and the many questions that Kath posed to me as well. I commend his questions to you.

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