student leadership can promote a sense of belonging

Recently I was given the honour of presenting the special year 6 rugby top, to all our year students. The rugby tops, which have all the students names on the back, is one of the key symbols of student leadership at EPS.

The ceremony began with a short talk on the symbolism of the rugby top and how it identifies them to the younger students who see what’s really acceptable at EPS. All of our Year 6 students are Young Leaders, they run the Monday morning school assemblies, organise social service fund-raising events through their SRC representative, some train as peer mediators who are active in the school yard and other elected captains organise sports and social events at lunch times.

They was a real buzz of excitement as each student was presented with the top and we finished with a fun group shot.

student leaders1

We still present badges for certain elected positions e.g School Captain / House Captains but they value that top as a memento of their time at EPS.

It’s nice to see young people wanting to belong and feel proud of their school.

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