Coaching – Teaching – similar stories.

Anyway after the Fathers day movie my son Mitchell and I were at basketball training with the Melbourne Tigers Junior Club and a well known coach was watching me work on Mitchell’s shooting technique. There are three courts open to everyone to view. He came over and offered some advice which he noted that even the NBA players still work on.

The photo show Mitchell working on these techniques however what got me thinking was the public nature of coaching in a large club is like teaching – its deprivatized, its about improvement, its about immediate feedback and the responsibility lies in the hands of the student or in this case the player, my son for practicing the technique. He’s passionate about the game and its the pre-season so its the perfect time to work on technique when the pressure for performance is off. Sound familiar.

I wonder if our schools can be similar in some ways with expert teachers offering tips to other teachers and students? 

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