Having fun “joining in” – playing with the image of principal.

Over the past few weeks there have 2 work occassions where I felt a need to “join in”.

As a general rule I don’t like dressing up in fancy dress. It’s not that I feel I have a  conservative  image of a principal to uphold  that stops me – its just personal preference.

The first instance was at a principal conference where there was a theme night – Wiggles – not that outrageous – but fun and being part of “the group” made the night. The second was a student fun raiser where they got to spray my hair to raise funds for cancer.

Walking around the playground that afternoon was one thing but that night’s annual school bush dance brought this to a new level.

“Joining in” I think is important for principals to do – it says this is OK to do – not to hold too tightly onto an image we have of ourselves.

Besides the kids loved the hair – even my senior boys basketball side who I coached that afternoon.

I’m wondering it other principals felt similar pressures of an image of the role that prevents them from “joining in” sometimes.

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